4 Ways How Racing Games Improve Driving Skills

When you think of video games, you probably think of something that you feel is a little mindless and thus not all that worthy of your attention. However, did you know that racing games offer certain real world advantages as well? These real world advantages can basically help you become a better driver. This may sound surprising to you, but this is probably because you have never played games for extended periods of time and experienced the benefits that often end up coming from them. Here are some legitimate benefits that you can get from racing games:

#1 They Improve Hand Eye Coordination

When you are driving out on the open road, the coordination between your hands and your eyes is going to be quite important since you need to keep everything running smoothly. Games help with that, allowing you to ascertain how much movement will lead to how much change in your driving trajectory without having to take your eyes off of the road.

#2 Improve Reflexes

Racing games are known to improve reflexes as well. Driving on the open road can often put you in harm’s way, and you might just need to make sudden decisions in order to keep yourself safe from someone that might be driving a little bit recklessly. By playing games, you can optimize your reflexes and make it so that they will serve you well whenever the need arises.

#3 Improves Driving Attention Spans

No matter how many skills you have acquired by driving with an instructor, the real world is always going to be at least a little bit different all in all. One reason why it is going to be different is because of the fact that you are going to be on your own and are thus going to have to pay attention to everything that is going on. By playing a game you would be able to get used to the idea of paying attention to the road instead of letting numerous other things distract you all at the same time. This could potentially save your life someday.

#4 They Give You Info About Cars

If you are hoping to drive to the best of your abilities someday, you will need to learn a thing or two about cars. The only problem with this is that learning about cars can often be a little boring, at least if you are engaging in the learning process in a classroom like setting. By playing games you can learn details about cars without realizing that you are learning anything at all. Car games are becoming increasingly realistic, and this emphasis on realism is creating opportunities for people to begin learning more about cars than they would ever have been able to before.

There you have it! These benefits prove that playing racing games isn’t just mindless fun, it has some real world benefits as well that you simply will not be able to ignore.

The 4 Top Racing Games of This Year

The new year means that there are going to be a bunch of new games that you would be able to play in the field of racing. If you are passionate about racing games, you are probably going to want to stay abreast of the various developments that are coming to the industry by ascertaining which games are going to be the most enjoyable for you to play at any given time. Here are some of the best racing games that are going to be released at some point this year.

#1 Need For Speed Payback

A lot of people feel like the Need for Speed series is not as good as it used to be, and this is true to a certain extent. However, it’s not as true as you might have initially though. This game is the twenty third in the series, which makes the franchise one of the oldest in the industry. It has reached this age for a good reason, and this reason is that people just love the series and get so much fun out of it. This game is no exception to this rule.

#2 Forza Horizon 4

This series is well known for establishing a lot of the open world gaming conventions that people have started taking advantage of to a great extent. One reason why this series has become so popular is because of the fact that it gives you a whole world that you can explore at your own pace, along with various missions that you would be able to undertake while you are attempting to be the best racer in the world. This is also a relatively easier game which makes it perfect for beginners and newbies.

#3 Forza Motorsport 7

This game is a little different from other Forza titles because of the fact that it gives you fewer open world options and instead allows you to take advantage of the numerous championships and tournaments that are on offer. These will give you a slightly more competitive playing experience that is not as leisurely. Some people prefer their racing games to be high octane offerings that are full to the brim with large amounts of excitement and the like. This leads to a lot of people feeling like they have fewer options since so many racing games are open world nowadays. This is why Forza Motorsport 7 has become so well regarded in recent times.

#4 The Crew 2

You don’t always want to race with cars. Sometimes you are going to want to race with other vehicles as well, and by playing this game you will finally be able to do that. The Crew 2 lets you race in all sorts of vehicles such as boats, planes as well as motorbikes which are slightly more conventional but nonetheless extremely popular. This game is quite challenging as well so it’s perfect for slightly more serious gamers.

The 4 Best Racing Car Games of All Time

Racing cars have been a staple of the gaming community for quite some time, but due to the reason that people’s focuses have shifted there have been fewer and fewer racing car games each and every year. This does not mean that some of the classic racing car games that have been released over the years are any less valuable than they used to be, however. Indeed, it is fair to say that a lot of the older racing car games should still be considered the best. Here are some of the best racing car games of all time:

#1 Gran Trak 10

The genre of racing games is so old that this game, which is the first of its kind to ever be released, was launched in the 1970s! The game was developed by Atari, and was essentially meant for the Atari arcade system that was so popular in those times. The game did not prove to be all that profitable, but that’s only because of the fact that it was ahead of its time. Some of its revolutionary aspects include the presence of a steering wheel and gear shifts for added realism.

#2 Out Run

If Gran Trak 10 is widely known for being the first, then Out Run is widely known for being the next biggest trailblazer. Developed by Sega, this game was perhaps the single most potent example of what can be gained from a few updates. From snazzy graphics that were pretty groundbreaking for something in the 80s, these kinds of graphics would continue to be used for the next decade or so, as well as the superior controlling systems, this game proved that racing games were no joke and were a big contender for the most popular games in the world.

#3 Super Monaco GP

This game was released right at the end of the 80s, so it is easy to understand why it holds an enormous amount of nostalgia value for the some of the earliest millennials that are now walking around and trying to get things done. This game was well known for being extremely iconic. It had a lot of features that hadn’t been seen before. One of these was that you could enter a championship which would allow you to move up rankings and thus create a bit of a story mode although this was not as advanced as some of the story modes we would end up seeing later on.

#4 Formula 1 ’97

This is not the first edition of this game by a long shot, but it is fair to say that this game completely changed the way we perceived racing games by adding far more realistic graphics along with providing a big more excitement to the races that you might have been taking part in. Several of the people that made this game went on to make more unique racing games in the future.

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