Bugs can be reported on the forum, as well as on the issue tracker.


On Steam, Humble Store and Playfield. All three stores provide Steam keys.
Switchcars is in a highly polished alpha state, currently in Early Access. Updates are being made to it approximately every two weeks. See the Steam news page for details on what’s new.
New updates are coming approximately every two weeks, sometimes more frequently and sometimes with longer pauses.
Windows and Linux. Mac is a possibility, provided there will be enough resources.
They are taken into consideration, but expect more concrete information on that later.
Yes, including both DirectInput and XInput input modes.
Yes! The goal is to escape aliens in an interstellar spaceship, by beating the 10 stages and getting to the year 2055. Meta goals are also in, such as unlocking terrain types, or database entries for vehicles and other items.
Typical Switchcars run lasts 10-30 minutes once you get the hang of it. Each playthrough is different so the game can be played countless times. Completing all the meta goals might take many weeks.
Unfortunately, no. Current installment isn’t built to support it. Depending on the Early Access, and how the code evolves over time, we’ll see if it’s anyhow possible to add it in the future.